Saturday, 13 March 2010


Ballycotton is regularly included in leisure drives from nearby Cork City. Many park in the village and walk down to the pier to see the activity of the fishermen, both those on the trawlers and those standing and trying their luck from the pier.

It is a peaceful, less hectic part of the world and has opportunities for a wide variety of fish: rays, sole, plaice flounder, pollack, bass and, of course, mackerel. Noted in Europe as a deep-sea angling centre since early in the last century, Ballycotton holds many Irish specimen fishing records.

I called there yesterday and just strolled down to take a few photographs and see the action: there was one trawler on its way out and I watched it clear the island on which the lighthouse stands and there were a couple of fellows fishing off the pier wall.
The lifeboat was bobbing behind the harbour walls with its yellow painted “house” behind.

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