Saturday, 13 March 2010

Strode out of Ballycotton village yesterday afternoon and walked out a good part of the cliff walk. It was windy in the village down by the pier but amazingly much calmer as we walked along the cliff top path.

The walk is part of the East Cork Bird trail and, near to the start, you will see a notice-board giving details of what birds you may expect to see: choughs, ravens, rock doves, auks, terns, gulls and skuas.

You do have a broad vista ahead of you and behind. The main sight of course is the Ballycotton lighthouse (1851) on the island of the same name. 

A memorial to 2006 victim skipper Glenn Cott is a more recent reminder of the dangers out there on the now calm sea.

To find out more about the Cliff walk and Ballycotton itself, go to

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