Sunday, 21 February 2010



Another crisp morning as the fog and frost fade away. Drove down to Shandon Boat Club, left the car and walked the “ancient” Marina Walk to Blackrock and its Sunday morning market.

It is a lovely walk under the old trees and there is much activity on the river as the various rowing clubs go though their training routines. Besides, you can have fun working out the identity of the buildings on the other side of the river as you have quite a view from Tivoli back to the western side of Montenotte.

True, the Tivoli docks are also on the other side but in the foggy blue the big cranes take on a lifelike appearance, long legged animals prowling the banks.

Then, if you feel you need nourishment for the return walk, you can always enjoy a hot chocolate from O’Connaill's or a crêpe from a nearby stall or indeed anything you like from quite an array of food on display at the Sunday morning Blackrock Farmers’ Market.

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