Thursday, 18 February 2010


Air India Memorial Garden
On June 23rd 1985, an Air India Jumbo jet flying from Canada to India and carrying 329 people - most of them Canadian citizens of Indian origin - was approaching the southwest coast of Ireland when it was blown apart by a bomb.
Shortly afterwards, many relatives of the dead flew from India and Canada and travelled by bus along the coast in order to be near to the place where their loved ones died. At Ahakista, they stopped and threw wreaths into the sea.
And it is at the small village, on the beautiful Sheeps Head peninsula, where a memorial garden stands today and where, each June, the local community and relatives of the dead, join to remember the victims.
A sundial, designed by Cork sculptor Ken Thompson, is the focal point of the garden and the sun hits the dial at the exact minute of the explosion. Behind the sun-dial, there is a wall where the names of the dead are listed. It is a list you read with sadness.

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