Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Quite a few visitors come to Cork to walk in the streets where the City’s original rock star Rory Gallagher walked and one of the first ports of call is Rory Gallagher Place in the city centre.
Paul Street runs through here and the small square, on its south side, has a selection of cafes, restaurants and bars while the entrance to the Paul Street Shopping Centre and Car Park bounds the northern edge. This square and the streets off it, Carey’s Lane and French Church Street, are collectively becoming known as the Huguenot Quarter.
The little piazza, then known as Paul Street Plaza, was renamed in honour of Rory in 1997, and a commemorative sculpture was erected on the western side. If you walk from here, through Emmett Place and turn right by the river, you will see opposite you (with the Larry Tompkins Pub to your back) the block where Rory’s second level school (St Kieran’s) once operated. 

If you want to walk some more in his footsteps, check out Rory On and the official site at Rory Gallagher 

I came across Rory a few times in his early years and you can read that account at

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