Monday, 14 December 2009



Back to the Opera House on Sunday night to see Mexican duo, Rodrigo y Gabriella, in fast guitar action. Not so fast at the start though. The gig, scheduled for an 8.00pm kick off, didn’t start until 8.30pm. And neither the house announcer nor any of the acts gave any reason for the delay to the paying public. By the end though, after close on two hours high paced playing by the entertaining happy Mexicans, that wasted half-hour was forgotten about.

Irish bundle of energy Wallis Bird, herself no slowcoach on the guitar, opened the show and soon had the audience laughing, clapping and singing along. This dynamic bundle of white topped life loving energy was engaging, funny, irresistible. Besides, she can play and she can sing! Good start.

Rodrigo and Gabriella had played the Savoy on Saturday night to a standing audience and admitted not being used to playing in venues where the audience was largely seated. But the place was packed with their fans. The duo were soon at full tilt, playing numbers from their new (11:11) and previous albums, all at a high speed.

Gabriella is the real speed merchant, her hands blurring as they make the music. Last night those incredibly fast fingers were well captured by the high contrast black and white real time film on the screen behind the duo.

Just a question, out of curiosity. Where is the duo going musically? What will the final destination be? No question, they are fast. But there is more to life than speed. More to music also.

• Mobile phone cameras were hardly in evidence on this occasion but there were quite a few camera flashes, Mickey Mouse guns dying after five or six rows but still annoyingly eye-catching in the dark.

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