Thursday, 10 December 2009



Guitar genius Joe Bonamassa turned it on for close on two hours at the Opera House last evening. He is described as a blues player. He is that, but much much more, all demonstrated in a brilliant dazzling stamina sapping performance.

Has been playing since he was a toddler and recalled that his dad used collar him to do music on Saturday afternoons. And on one occasion, the study material included a VHS cassette of Rory Gallagher at the Cork Opera House.

The show was opened by a fresh faced Sandi Thom (I wish I was a punk rocker, 2006) and her band. They weren’t half bad and got a fine reception. But then the adults came out to play. Two non stop hours of WOW!!

Only downside was the amount of people who insisted on using their mobile phones (and, to a lesser degree, cameras) to record bits of the show. The mobiles may not have disturbed the artist but people sitting behind were certainly inconvenienced by the bright screens. Time the Opera House got heavy here – send a bit of beef up and down the aisles. And latecomers shouldn't be so easily accommodated when there is a genius at work on stage.

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