Wednesday, 25 November 2009



The Triskel Art Centre is between homes at the moment, waiting for new venue Christchurch (a beautiful 18th century building) to be restored. At present, it is Music at Jury’s and Art in, of all places, the disused Electricity Supply Board substation in Caroline Street.

The current exhibition, by Shane Cullen, in Caroline Street, is pretty appropriate to the industrial location, dealing as it does with the “dehumanizing threat inherent in our increasing dependence on technology and counterpointing this with references to individual examples of struggle and endurance”.

Large scale works such as The Concern of the Warsaw pact (1992) and, very appropriately, Factories Electricity Regulations (1995), are used to make the point.

It is even more “industrial” downstairs. I thought I’d walked into a welding shop but instead the flashes and the noise were coming from four simultaneous video works, all by Adham Faramawy (born 1981), a London based artist of Egyptian descent.

Perhaps, the Triskel should hold on to the electricity sub-station. Not sure the restored Christchurch would really enhance the presentation of the current exhibitions!.

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