Wednesday, 11 November 2009



Though its main attraction, the public swimming baths, has long since gone, the Lee Fields,  on the Western side of the city, are still used by citizens and visitors alike.

The baths may be gone but there is still a small group of hardy swimmers that can be seen in all seasons taking a dip in the river.

Here the walks are relatively long so you can exercise yourself and the dog or vice versa. Plenty of space to walk and jog along the riverside path and the grassy area can be used to stretch out on the sunny days.

Workers from nearby offices (including the County Hall) can take the air and have a snack on the grass during lunchtime. Impromptu games of football take place here and, from the river bank, you can also see the fishermen and canoeists in action.

The Lee Fields “where we sported and played” have been occasionally used for open air concerts but are generally left to the joggers and the strollers and the courting couples!

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