Wednesday, 11 November 2009



The Glen Recreational Park is a good spot to take the dog for a walk. A little river runs through it and, split by a low level bridge (which has a Gaudi like sculpture alongside), there are two “lagoons” where the ducks and waterhens thrive. And in the middle of all this there is a soccer pitch, which is busy most Sunday mornings.

The park also forms part of one of the now common Sli Na Slainte (Healthy Walk). But the 5k walk, which starts up by Mayfield Community School, is mostly outside of the Glen. Indeed, as the park is largely under-utilised, there is a standing caution against walking on one’s own there, especially towards dusk and that despite the fact that City Council has a depot there.

Still, on a good day, it is a very pleasant walk and I must say I enjoy my trips to the western end, which you must reach if you are to cover the full 5 kilometres of the Sli Na Slainte.

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