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Fota is one of the three bigger islands in Cork harbour. Easily accessible by rail and road, its major attractions are the golf course, the restored Georgian House and the Wildlife Park. A visit to Fota can be combined with a trip to nearby Cobh where huge cruise liners dock in the town centre and where you can visit its Famine heritage centre and the hillside Cathedral.

The Wildlife Park is well worth a visit. It shares its car park with the House and Arboretum. The park is well laid out and a circular walk, at your own pace, can take between an hour and two hours.

Straight away you will the see giraffes as you start the circular walk (there is also a mini-train). You will meet emus, Maras, peacocks, and guanacos on the roadway and will see the European bison behind the timber railings on your right. Oryx and peacocks are also at hand.

Then you come to an area of little islands and lakes where you will see wildfowl (a huge collection of ducks and geese), various types of monkey and lively gibbons (who may put on a noisy show for you, usually at noon), lemurs, penguins, flamingos, pelicans, black swans and seals.

The cheetahs are the pride of the park who have just opened Ireland’s first Cheetah Run. Come and watch Cheetahs being fed on a special device which makes them sprint! They are fed every day at 4pm.

Highly recommended for children of all ages.

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