Wednesday, 11 November 2009



The small rectangle known as Bishop Lucey Park is hardly worthy of the “park” designation.

But its city centre situation has its advantages. It borders the newly broadened footpath of the Grand Parade (and its convenient coffee dock) and is just across the way from the English Market. So, on a good day, you can grab a snack and a drink and go to one of the many seats in the tree shaded park for a mid-day “picnic”.

I did just that during one of the recent festivals: I picked up my sausage on a stick (by O'Flynn’s) and enjoyed the break before heading back to the festival action.

It may be small but the City Council say it is “widely used” “The old City Wall was located during construction and is featured prominently near the impressive arched entrance. A short walk past colourful flowerbeds and shrubberies leads to an elegant fountain near the South Main Street exit.”

The fountain is by John Behan and there is also a piece (the Onion Seller) by well loved local sculptor Seamus Murphy.

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